Welcome to our Dottie Photography Blog!

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Hi, thanks for stopping by to take a look and welcome to our little Dottie World of Loveliness!

I’m Mandy from Dottie Photography but most people call me Dottie which I actually love, and my friends would say probably suits me more!

I’ve been shooting weddings now for over 10 years but started my career in photography and design when I left school which was a lot longer than that!

Since shooting weddings I have been nominated as one of the top wedding photographers by Perfect Wedding magazine; won lots of wonderful Gold Awards and some Silver and Bronzes too (but i don’t talk about them those ones!). I’ve also been featured by many of the top wedding blogs, have a large container full of magazines with lots of my wonderful couples weddings printed in them, and recently was lucky enough to have a few of my images published by Sarah Haywood, the UK’s most famous wedding planner.

I love shooting weddings and I think I have a unique style that all my clients love…! That style has taken a few years to develop and I have travelled all over the world to train with my favourite photographers including Jerry Ghionis, Scott Robert Lim, Jeff Ascough and I must not forget my talented new friend Kevin Wilson my BIPP Mentor who must constantly get sick of chasing me up to finish my fellowship.I promise I will this year Kevin…it’s on the list!

Being a wedding photographer is an amazing career and I always feel very flattered when my couples chose and trust me to join them on their wedding day. I’ve photographed weddings all over England, Italy, Germany, Portugal and Sicily, some of my clients have been celebs but all my clients are celebs to me and after a full day of being photographed you will feel like one too!…One thing I love about shooting is that it does not matter who you are or where you get married, its the personalities that I love and want to capture! Every wedding I shoot is a challenge to me, making sure all the images portray the wedding that everyone wishes they had been invited too and create perfect memories (a bit cliché but true!)!

Credit….Thank you to my great friend Liza Smith MUA  for taking my profile picture while shooting in Lake Como last year…I can see I have a bit of competition!!!