Wedding at Bassmead manor barns

Wedding at Bassmead manor barns

I love everything about this wedding…still I love all my weddings!!!

Dress, tutus, little flowers girls, page boy, cake, sweets, fab details  and an amazing couple.

Louise got ready in bedford…I won’t forget that as i got a parking ticket…very annoying!

She then drove to Bassmead Manor for the ceremony where Alasdair was waiting along with 90 other guests.


The wonderful dress was by Jenny packam

The yummy looking cake, sweets,  signs and vintage sideboards where by Katie at Couture cakes.

The beautiful flowers where by clare at The Traditional Vintage flower Company


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Had a little blast from the past today after Tilly called me from pride magazine looking for an emergency late bridal publish. She needed a winter wedding and i had just the one. Victoria and Richard’s wedding at Stubton hall from two years ago…anything with real reindeers as got to be worth a publish!

A winter stubton hall wedding

A winter stubton hall wedding

6U8A1732C VR121853BW A winter stubton hall wedding







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